About Ricoh

About Ricoh

Imaging at the heart of technology

Operating at the worldwide level and living at the enduring pace of innovation, the Ricoh Group was created in Japan in 1936. Today, this multinational has a work force of roughly 110,000 people in more than 200 locations.
Since its creation, the mission of Ricoh is to connect mankind with its tools and to create effective interfaces that are more ergonomic to the user.

By exploiting all the possibilities of digital technology, Ricoh has been able to set up multipurpose versatile solutions. For years now, the barrier between devices, printers and scanners no longer exists while high image definition and high fidelity sound (hi-fi) are accessible in cameras and digital cameras and this trend will not end soon.
The driving force of the organization dwells on its clear vision to always turn itself towards the future, with its human resources strongly turned to innovation.

Innovation for whom and for what?

First of all, to provide an adaptable solution to our customers in the field of image processing. Today, the latter has become crucial for effective communication and information.

The new technologies relating to image and graphic processing are increasing rapidly. Other than being a manufacturer of equipment, Ricoh has become a solution provider in digital network systems. The Group has been the initiator of a number of innovative products. Such products are specifically developed to meet the needs of the consumer. The field of competence of the Ricoh Group has largely evolved, and so have its markets and activities. Ricoh is today the pioneer in the field of image / graphic processing through its proactivity, adaptation to the needs of the market and its professional level of response.


Information about Ricoh Group

Ricoh Industrie France: blending technology and ecology

The site of Ricoh Industrie France in Colmar sets the pace: respect for nature is indeed very noticeable. Located between the plain of Alsace and the hillsides of the vineyards, the factory blends beautifully in this environment. This harmonious feeling is not for the eyes only. Ricoh Industrie France is constantly working to minimize the impact of its activities on this environment. The organization was one of the pioneers in the region to be attributed the ISO 14001 certification.
Established as a small and medium enterprise in 1987, Ricoh Industrie France has rapidly become one of the major companies of the Alsace region. Historically known for being copier manufacturer, the company has then expanded its activities towards developing various key products for the market.

Our highly diversified business units are one of our main assets and are mainly focused on:

- the remanufactured devices (GreenLine™ brand),
- the collection of toner cartridges and printing units on French and European markets,
- the manufacturing and remanufacturing of toner cartridges and printing units,
- the repairing and the recycling of Printed Circuit Boards,
- the High Volume production printing,
- the assembly of cabinets for devices,
- the manufacturing and the bottling of black toner,
- the thermal media production,
- the slitting of thermal transfer ribbon. 

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