Information Security statement

To support our Mission which is to satisfy our stakeholders, Ricoh Industrie France commits to improve continuously its information security and to promote an effective use of information in our businesses.

Information security statement



The Ricoh Industrie France SAS Code of conduct

Ricoh Industrie France (RIF) is committed to rigorous standards with regard to the right governance of its activities.

In the 90s, a number of large companies put the principles behind their actions into writing, in the form of codes of conduct. By doing so, they followed a movement initiated by the OECD in 1976 (Declaration concerning international investment and multinational corporations) and by the International Labour Organization in 1977 (tripartite Declaration concerning multinational corporations and social policy). These founding texts were followed by various complementary ones. The Global Compact is an initiative launched by the Secretary General of the United Nations in 1999. The Ricoh Group was the second Japanese company to have adhered to it.

The RIF’s code of conduct is the customisation of the Ricoh Group’s code of conduct, integrating the specificities, the local habits, and the laws and regulations that are in force and apply to RIF. The Global Compact thus forms part of the essential references for RIF's code of conduct, along with the international declarations relating to Human Rights.

Thanks to this code of conduct, RIF wishes to clearly state the principles that guide its activities. This step plays a federating role internally, by giving our personnel, who come from varied origins and cultures, a shared foundation of values. Moreover, for the external partners, it clarifies the standards by which the company intends, without concession, to conduct its relations.

Code of conduct

RIF business code of conduct



RIF anti-bribery and influence peddling code of conduct (Sapin Law 2)



Quality policy

To ensure durable development towards Leadership in the European market of manufacturers of office material, thermal products and toner in the face of active competition, Ricoh Industrie France has undertaken a continuous improvement Policy for its performances based on the following principles:

Ricoh Industrie France quality policy



Environnement policy


Given that to preserve the environment today is to guarantee the quality of our environment tomorrow, Ricoh Industrie France has set up the following Policy to his effect for all its operations, site, products and services.


Our environmental & energy commitment