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High-volume document printing

The strong growth in the outsourcing of corporate document management that has been observed over the past few years has led the Ricoh Group to reinforce all of its services under the specific “Outsourcing Services” position.

Ricoh Industrie France promotes all of its high-volume printing equipment, highlighting the excellence of the products to clients and prospects.



Ricoh Data Cleansing solutions

Business information is a significant asset and with the potential cost and reputation damage presented by the leak of confidential data, information security is a high priority for organisations today. Yet many businesses fail to address the information security risk from residual data remaining on print devices.

Ricoh’s secure disposal service removes, beyond recovery, any residual information contained on your end-of-contract devices. All data – both physical and digital – is eliminated, and along with it your security risks. Each step is documented to provide you with auditable proof that your data has been disposed of securely.

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Ricoh Data Cleansing Solutions