Reconnecting with our founding spirit



On 6th February 1936, Kiyoshi Ichimura founded the company we know today as Ricoh.

Kiyoshi Ichimura built Ricoh on the founding spirit of the Three Loves: love your neighbour, love your country and love your work.

Our founding principles have never changed and today, we have seven values that guide the way we do business.

At Ricoh, we work to embody our core values (what we call our founding spirit) every day. These values are of real substance, not least because they have stood the test of time. We’re proud to bring them to life in all aspects of our business: from our products and services to our partnerships and environmental activities.


But why are we telling you this in February when we live these values every day? Because it’s our birthday (or what we call Foundation Day)!


This year, we’re celebrating the value ‘innovation’.

Innovation is in our DNA; it’s at the heart of everything we do to empower digital workplaces. If you are looking for some inspiration about innovation Ricoh is driving today,take a look at this article in Newsweek.


Innovation is the ability to break the status quo to create long lasting value. It’s the ability to challenge, to ask ourselves “what could I do differently?”