MFP Greenline™ range and recycling of consumables

More than ever, the circular economy is central to the development strategies of the Ricoh Industrie France industrial site.
The remanufactured devices’ business line (MFP / Multi functions printers) is now one of the strongest actions of the Ricoh Group at global level, and is an integral part of a genuine effort to protect resources and be environmentally responsible.

- Limiting waste and increasing the re-use and recycling of resources, to meet European environmental requirements.
- Standardisation and industrialisation of recycling processes and methods across Europe.
- Remanufacturing of GreenLine™ devices, guaranteeing levels of reliability and performance equivalent to new products.


The GreenLine™ business line started in February 2012 at the Wettolsheim site, and has grown continuously to meet market demand.

The remanufacturing of the equipment makes it possible to give a second life to multifunction printers (MFP) from the European market.

These devices combine economic advantages with the promotion of a responsible practice of the circular economy. The entire remanufacturing process is certified on the basis of an international standard (BSI 8887-220:2010) in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of the product, throughout its new life cycle.
GreenLine™ devices are updated with the latest versions of operating software, so they can surpass the original performance levels of the initial equipment.

In addition to GreenLine™, Ricoh Industrie France has a comprehensive process for the remanufacturing of the options and modules that comprise the printers more commonly known under the name GL+. This activity strives to give new life to consumables, printer units and sub-assemblies, such as transfer units and fusers.


The Ricoh Comet Circle describes the entire strategy for the deployment of these new activities.




Repair and recycling of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) 

The repair and recycling of electronic boards are some of the activities generated by the 3R Policy (Reduce/Re-use/Recycle) for the development of the circular economy within the Group (see our Environment page for more info).

Unique in Europe, Ricoh Industrie France is the only electronic board repair and recycling centre. The defective boards are collected across all of Europe, then sorted and delivered to our site in Wettolsheim. 
For printed circuit boards that cannot be repaired or are no longer catalogued, their value is assessed and accounted for and they do not enter into the recycling or repair cycle. 

Currently, there are a very large number of printed circuit board references that are refurbished, and this number is on the rise. This responsible process will thus develop.  Each board received is sorted, tested and repaired or recycled if possible, thanks to the know-how and expertise of the technicians who work in this area. Hundreds of boards are put back on the market every month, thereby contributing to the objective of reducing the consumption of precious natural resources.


Smart reuse of resource, consumable and units

As part of the deployment of the European 3R programme (Reduce/Re-use/Recycle), Ricoh Industrie France is working to develop its activities, in particular by refurbishing toner cartridges and consumables. 


Toner cartridges and spare parts from devices contain mechanical and electrical components that are part of the imaging process. When the spare parts are at the end of their life cycles, some of their components can be re-used for the production of a new cartridge.


The recycling of these components makes it possible to limit the waste stream and reduce the amount of raw materials and energy used to make new components. 


The site now receives Ricoh cartridges collected on the European market. Depending on their references and condition, they are sorted and sent either to the recycling programme (if they are not reusable), or to our dismantling and remanufacturing process.


In order to enable the re-use of products and the salvaging of materials, Ricoh has deployed a centralised programme for returning used toner cartridges. This service is available in certain distribution channels in most European countries: “Resource Smart Return”.


To use this service or find out more about this return programme, visit