Skills development


RICOH INDUSTRIE France implements a training policy which focusses on the development of key knowledge and skills:
External recruits, secondments and internal placements all benefit from training and development to support their role in the workplace.

RICOH INDUSTRIE France is committed to supporting employee knowledge and skills development to ensure the success of the Ricoh Family Group, today and tomorrow.  The training provided covers a wide range of disciplines, from technical subjects to languages. Annual "Assessment & Development" interviews allow us to measure the contribution of our employee associates to their objectives and targets, whilst providing for the identification of training needs.    Meanwhile our on-going appraisal of employee "talent" and "motivation" highlights the need for more specific individual development plans, to support succession planning.

RICOH INDUSTRIE France also encourages employees to take responsibility for their own development and the introduction of new e-learning tools provides greater access to continuous learning opportunities.  As part of professional interviews, the manager is a key player in preparing employees for the skills of tomorrow. Line managers outline the specific requirements of future roles, allowing employees to consider whether their skill sets match the needs of the new working environment.  This approach is key to the identification of the employees training needs.