ISO 50001... our responsible management of energy


Ricoh Industrie France ISO 50001


In October 2013, Ricoh Industrie France became the first company in the group to obtain the certification for its energy management system regarding ISO 50001.

This certification is part of a strategic action plan for CO2 emission reduction and is the answer to RIF ambition to become a low carbon and responsible for energy management company.

Besides its cost, the energy consumed in the production process but also with air conditioning and heating, has an environmental and social impact due to the greenhouse gas emissions which are responsible for climate change.

The ISO 50001 standard is part of the continuous improvement model already applied for several years on our site through the certifications to the ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environment management) standards.

 Targets of this process are multiple:

  • Optimize the resources used by monitoring relevant performance indicators.
  • Get a better knowledge of these resources used in order to communicate effectively.
  • Establish a policy which allow to plan, implement, assess and estimate the efficiency of the improvement actions.
  • Involve and train the staff to allow them to get the necessary skills to guarantee the timelessness of our management system.

We took up a first challenge by obtaining this certification which mark our strong commitment in this daily challenge for our natural resources preservation.