Corporate policies


Our corporate policies reflect our strong commitment to conducting business with integrity and to the highest ethical standards in compliance with the law and industry regulations. We also expect that our suppliers adhere to the same standards and comply with our strict requirements.


Our quality policy

In order to achieve our mission with our broad values, we are committed to continuing progress and improvement for our Quality Management System (QMS). The 2015 version of ISO 9001 serves as a normative reference for the continuous improvement of our quality system. Right from the beginning, Ricoh Industrie France has been a strong quality policy to meet with its customers’ expectations.


Quality policy : here


   ISO 9001 certification – 2015 version/Quality Management System (QMS) : here


Our environmental & energy policy

Well aware of our responsibilities and our potential impact on the environment, we have worked very closely for the environment management and the sustainable development. RIF is resolutely committed to the environmental sustainability of its business and has a continuous development program in place to reduce its carbon footprint, to encourage the energy transition, to improve our energy performance, to preserve natural resources (optimize their use and reuse) as well as the biodiversity. This mission represents one of the main pillars of its Corporate Social Responsibility’s program (CSR).


Environmental & Energy policy : here


The achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), initiated by the United-Nations in 2015, is part of our strong commitment to the sustainable development. These ambitions should be achieved within 2030.

•    Reduction of total lifecycle CO² emissions: -45% within 2030 and 0 Green House GAS (GHG) before 2050 (100% renewable power).

•    Reduction of the new input of resources: - 50% within 2030 et -93% before 2050.





   ISO 14001 certification – 2015 version / Environment Management System (EMS) : here


   ISO 50001 certification – 2018 version / Energy Management System (EnMS) : here

Our policies are routinely revised when new Ricoh Group’s strategic plans become available. These policies represent our business Mid Term Plan commitments from 2017 to 2020. 

This commitment to excellence is also reflected at Ricoh Industrie France with the following labels.


Our certifications / compliance certification



      BSI 8887-220 compliance certification
    Our GreenLineTM activities comply with the BSI 8887-220 norms and are yearly audited by the British Standards Institute. More here



      FSC – Forest Stewardship Council : this label provides a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from responsible sources. It concerns our thermal papers : Certificate here

 More about our thermal papers



      OEA – Authorised Economic Operator status allows RIF to benefit from a personalized treatment and simplifications regarding customs rules as part of exchanges with other member states : Certificate here