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GreenLineTM devices: remanufacturing makes all the difference

Until early 2015, the assembly of some multifunction printers (MFP) was realised on our production lines per module. These devices were sent to Ricoh Europe BV, the configuration and logistics centre in the Netherlands, for finally being dispatched all over Europe.


Today, new horizons are coming up to RIF with its GreenLineTM remanufacturing activity which allows the recirculation of resources, approach firmly encoded in the Ricoh DNA. The MFP devices picked up at Ricoh's customers are collected from the French and the European markets, to be remanufactured later at Ricoh Industrie France which became the European GreenLineTM centre in 2013.

The GreenlineTM offer, as part of the Ricoh Total Green Office Solutions program, allows Ricoh eco-friendly customers to minimise the impact of their multifunction printers while enjoying the best in terms of quality, reliability and productivity.


The RIF rigorous selection and remanufacturing process below allows each GreenlineTM device to get benefit from the same guarantees as a new product. These devices combine economic benefits and promotion of a virtuous circular approach.

GreenLineTM recirculation printing system supports the environment and works for your budget too


To learn more about the process of deleting confidential data stored in end-of-life copiers: here 


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RIF receives "Service France Garanti" certification for its Ricoh GreenLine™ range 


The Pro France association awarded us the "Service France Garanti" certification in January 2021 for our remanufacturing service delivery of "Ricoh GreenLine" multifunctional printing systems, on behalf of the Ricoh France company (RFR).


We are one of the first three companies in France and the first in Alsace to be certified by AFNOR "Service France Garanti" for our Ricoh GreenLine activity, focused on the "circular economy".


This association's mission is to defend and promote French-made products and the companies that produce them, as well as to promote the "France" brand in all sectors of activity.


It is currently chaired by Mr Yves JÉGO, a founding member of the association and author of the report submitted to Mr Nicolas SARKOZY in 2009, which led to the initiative "En finir avec la mondialisation anonyme" (Put an end to anonymous globalisation!).


Aiming to promote truly French services, this new "Service France Garanti" certification created by the Pro France association guarantees that at least 90% of the people involved in the provision of a service are subject to an employment contract under French law.


The certifications proposed by Pro France are different from other mentions such as "made in France", "conçu en France", "fabriqué en France", etc. which are self-declaring and sometimes misleading for the consumer.

On 2 March 2021, Mr Yves JEGO honoured us with his presence at the Wettolsheim site and officially presented the certificate to one of our Ricoh GreenLine employees, in the presence of : Mr Elie CHOUKROUN / President Ricoh France, Mr Eric STRAUMANN / President of Colmar Agglomeration & of the Alsace Metropolitan Pole - Mayor of Colmar, Mr Lucien MULLER / 1st Vice-President of Colmar Agglomeration - Mayor of Wettolsheim and Mrs Christiane ROTH / President CCI Delegation of Colmar.


"Service France Garanti" certificate receives by RIF










Ricoh receives Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label for its GreenLineTM printing solution


Press release from Ricoh Europe, May 24th 2021

Solar impulse #1000SOLUTIONS



 Printers repair under Ricoh’s warranty

This activity consists in repairing defective printers sold out without any maintenance contract on the European market but receiving a warranty from Ricoh.
Started in July 2018, this repair workshop fully complies with the Ricoh Group's commitments to development of a circular economy by supporting waste reduction through recycling and reuse. No new spare parts are to be purchased for repairing the printers. The spare parts of devices not suitable for the repair process are collected, cleaned and installed into some devices for a second lease of life!




RIF contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 12, 13 and 17.

     Since we use green electricity.
     For our responsible production.
     Because our activities save C02 emission compared to a new product.
     Because we have partnerships throughout Europe for the collection and sale of these products.