About Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information which are issued to your device (tablet computer, laptop, mobile phone …) when you visit a website and which store and track information about your use of a website. They are used to remember your details for when you next return to the website.

Why do we use cookies? What are their purposes?

Cookies can be used to store user preferences, to browse convenience and ease of our Website, to provide better functionality and for statistics purposes.
Ricoh Industrie France (RIF) uses various types of cookies which can be stored into your device (hardware), with your consent, when you visit our Website.

  • Session cookies

Such cookies enable us to track the users’ interests during Website navigation and enable the user to have access to features and functionality of the Website. These cookies are necessary for safe browsing on our Website, for the use of its features and functionality. A browsing session begins when the user opens the browser window and ends when he closes it. Session cookies are temporary bits of information that are erased once you exit your Web browser window or turn your device off. However, if you turn off the cookies some functions on the site may not work correctly.

These session cookies are as follows:

Cookies’ name Type Storage time
Has_js Session cookie
During the current Website navigation
SESSxxxx Session cookie
During the current Website navigation
  • Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used for internal purposes to help us to provide you with a better user experience. These cookies help us to understand how our Website is used by users and to identify the most frequently used pages on the site in order to measure the audience statistics. From this information, we can improve the way the site works and presents content to users.
Such cookies allow us to detect error messages as well as navigation problems that can appear. They are also used to improve and guarantee the good functioning of our Website. They do not collect any personal information about you or provide us with any way to identify you. The information gathered is anonymous. The life of these cookies does not exceed 13 months.
These performance cookies are as follows:

Cookies' name
Type Storage time
utmt Performance cookie (GA) A maximum of 13 months
utma Performance cookie (GA) A maximum of 13 months
utmb Performance cookie (GA) A maximum of 13 months
utmz Performance cookie (GA) A maximum of 13 months


  • Functionality cookies

Such cookies provide improved Website functionality and save browsing preferences on our website (eg: used language or information on a form filled out online).These cookies are stored into your device for a duration that cannot exceed 13 months. They are activated every time the user visits the Website.

These functionality cookies are as follows:

Cookies' name
Type Storage time
Cookie-agreed Functionality cookies A maximum of 13 months

If the user creates an account on the Website, the following cookies are concerned:

Cookies' name Type Storage time
Drupal.toolbar.collapsed Functionality cookies A maximum of 13 months
Drupal.tableDrag.showWeight Functionality cookies A maximum of 13 months
Drupal.toolbar.collapsed Functionality cookies A maximum of 13 months

Targeting/Interest based and sharing cookies

The targeting/Interest based and sharing cookies collect certain information about the user’s browsing habits they customize your browsing experience on the Website (eg: YouTube). These type of cookies may be placed by third party advertising networks (eg: Google).
Such cookies are used on a Website to retain what a user has visited and this information is then shared with other organisations such as advertisers. These organisations then provide you with more targeted adverts which are more relevant to you and your interests. These cookies are often linked to the Website functionality provided by the other organization (eg: YouTube). Ricoh Industrie France does not use such cookies.

The user’s consent to the use of cookies on his device

By accessing and browsing this Website, you clearly accept the cookies placed on your device.
If you do not wish to accept cookies in connection with the use of this Website, you must cease using it.
You can revoke your consent to the use of the data at any time by deleting cookies from your Internet browser parameters (please refer to the below heading « rejecting the use of cookies and configurations»).

Rejecting the use of cookies and configurations

You can suppress the storage of cookies on your Web browser by setting its parameters. The large number of different browsers does not allow us to provide information for each of them. Thus, you will find below two examples with the “Explorer” and “Firefox” browsers.
If you use the “Explorer” browser: click on the button “tools”, then select “Internet options”. In the navigation history tab, click on “parameters”. Then, click on display files and select cookies you wish to deactivate. Close the browser window that contains the list of cookies and double click on “ok” to return to Internet.
If you use the “Firefox” browser: click on the “Firefox menu” icon, then on the button “tools” and “options”. In the browser window that appears, select “privacy option” and click on “block your cookies”. Select the cookies you wish to deactivate and delete them.
You may use also the input “help” to get more details. Information to know how to manage or block cookies is available on the web at the following address: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/. (Please refer to the heading “Hypertext links” under “Legal notice, terms and conditions of use”): "Legal notice"

We would remind you that if you configure your Internet web browser parameters to block all cookies (including the session cookies) you will not be able to access all features of the site.

Changes in cookie policy

As new technologies and solutions emerge, this cookie policy may be updated to reflect any such advances in technology and preference management tools. Ricoh Industrie France reserves the right to change or update this cookie policy, at any time without notice. We invite users to consult this cookie policy regularly to be aware of any change.

Personal data

Do not hesitate to consult Ricoh Industrie France’s Legal notice or Terms and Conditions of use documentation by clicking here:
"Legal notice" for more details about the usage of your personal data when you visit our Website.