Special cares for thermal papers

Special cares

Thermal paper is a relatively fragile support, so that certain precautions must be followed to prevent any prematurely deterioration during its storage, the converting process and until the end of its use.



Care in storage


Before unpacking

  • RICOH thermal papers can be used without any deterioration for a long time after production if they are stored in the dark at temperatures that do not exceed 35°C and a relative humidity not exceeding 85%.

After unpacking

  • In addition to the above care, avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight and strong fluorescent light sources, being able to generate some background coloration.
  • Do not place RICOH thermal paper near heat sources.

Care in converting


Care in lamination

RICOH basically recommends a water-based glue. However if a hotmelt glue type is used, be sure to carry out a laminating pre-test to ensure that the matching between the glue and the paper is good.

Care in printing

The special surface treatment has been applied to make them suitable for printing. The most suitable inks are offset and flexographic inks. You are advised, however, to make a pre-test with your selected ink to validate the printing.


Other care in handling


Avoid any contact with materials composed of, or containing, solvents (volatile organic solvents of alcohol, ketone or ester) or plasticizer.
Avoid/minimize any scratching or rubbing as this may cause an unwanted thermal revelation.
Avoid any contact with water.