Preserve the biodiversity of our planet !

Preserve biodiversity


Faced with the observed erosion of biological diversity worldwide, Ricoh Industrie France is acting in its host territory and is developing the management of its green spaces so that they become new places for wildlife and human development. Non-constructed lands are renatured to encourage biodiversity of flora and fauna, while respecting and improving the living environment of employees.




RIF is committed to a positive approach of biodiversity to avoid irreversible damage to nature as much as possible. It has built its voluntary action program in favor of biodiversity by crossing 3 dimensions in perfect harmony with its sustainable development policy.



In 2007, RIF launch its biodiversity conservation project on the site of Wettolsheim with a differentiated management of green spaces in relation to the 3P: People, Prosperity, Planet.





Pedagogical pond

A unique living place on our site for many plants and animal species, such as amphibians and dragonflies. Faced with the increasing scarcity of wetlands, this development enhances the living environment of employees and is a remarkable awareness-raising tool.






The hay meadows are the result of a heterogeneous fallow land which has undergone a process of spontaneous colonization by vegetation. A wide variety of flora and fauna settles here, depending on the type of soil, sunshine and moisture conditions.





Flowered meadows

Flowered meadows shelter a considerable number of animal and plant species. Saving the meadows is the only way to guarantee the survival of all these species and to avoid the erosion of the biodiversity they shelter. The flowering season, from March to September, is an important source of food for many insects. From a social point of view, the flowering meadow is rich in colors, smells and sounds.




Nesting boxes

Direct assistance for birds or small mammals can be provided by installing nests, feeders and shelters. The educational role of these facilities is undeniable. Nests can be installed on buildings, in trees and in certain traffic areas.





Fallow land planting

As they grow, fruit trees provide essential cavities for the nesting of some birds or even some young. Hedges, on the other hand, favour water infiltration, absorb mineral salts and protect the soil from erosion. Hedges are feeding, breeding and refuge areas for many animals. Fruit trees and hedges embellish the natural environment, absorb noise and allow the integration of the installations into the landscape.





The mutually beneficial relationship between bees and flowers has led to the co-evolution and diversity we know today. More than 20,000 species of bees around the world contribute to the reproduction and survival of more than 80% of the world's flowering plants. Flowered meadows, hedges and orchards shelter many species that are attractive to bees, allowing them to find the nectar and pollen they seek.






For several years now, RIF has been practicing eco-pasture, an ecological, economical and innovative solution for its Wettolsheim site’s maintenance. Conscious of the need to reduce its environmental impacts and thus wishing to participate in the conservation of biodiversity, RIF has brought this ancestral practice up to date. Roughly fifteen sheep settle on the site each spring until the onset of winter. In addition to allowing the RIF’s maintenance of the park and the orchards while limiting the associated management costs, eco-pasture has many advantages.





                 May 17th, 2021


              A "bleating" horizon for sheep and lambs back at RIF


             After the wintering period, sheep and lambs are back on our 21 hectares park in Wettolsheim. The grass is very fat and rich, the 14 animals of Nathalie and Nathan from

             EcoPatu'Rhin, will be able to enjoy themselves for a few months for our greatest pleasure.

             The impatience is perceptible in the trailer, a few minutes before the big "release". That's it, the doors open, the animals are released. There is hardly any time to

             contemplate them; at the other end of the meadow, they have gone straight away. Watch our video below.


Permaculture / vegetable gardens

When we talk about sustainable development, we are thinking biodiversity or permaculture, a sustainable, permanent culture, inspired by the operation of nature. Convinced that permaculture is the most relevant contemporary advance to bring together Man and Earth, RIF has set up on its 21 hectare site, vegetables plots based on permaculture and maintained by volunteer employees to produce vegetables and aromatic herbs but above all to have fun and get closer to the Earth element.





Relaxation area

Let's give a new life to our pallets! Coffee tables, chairs, benches, etc. These wooden planks highlight our recovery system in mind and allow us to create beautiful relaxation and rest areas on our Wettolsheim site to recharge one's batteries. These redesigned pallets were made by volunteer employees and apprentices from the “Lycée Agricole de Rouffach” who came to put their theoretical knowledge into practice on our 21-hectare park. A “Win-win” for all!




Animation workshops

RIF used to often creative workshops to allow its employees and their families to learn about atypical manual activities: making household products, preparing a healthy breakfast, making apple juice from orchards, repair-café, … It's a great way to add a friendly touch to the workplace. All these activities are supervised by passionate animators who provide the best advices to our employees. These activities enable to take a little creative break and share a special moment with colleagues.





Local partner of many association structures, RIF is engaged in a variety of fields and creates a synergy of win-win partnerships and experiences exchanges to remain true to its commitments and its core values.