The Social and Environmental Responsibility integrated in Ricoh's business activities


Sustainability, the Ricoh DNA


Since the set-up of the Group, over 80 years ago, and in line with the expectations and ideas of its founder and visionary leader, Kiyoshi ICHIMURA, Ricoh fells it is its duty to reduce its impact on the environment.


This sustainable strategy is now part of the Ricoh heritage and covers all activities of the company, from manufacturing through distribution as well as from management of the sites through recycling.


Ricoh progressively extended its environmental strategy to make all stakeholders participate in its industry, promoting tangible ecological benefits to its suppliers and customers.


Ricoh has set new ambitious environmental targets based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) led by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030. As the pillar to fairly take into account the environmental economic and social challenges worldwide, these SDGs integrate for the first time in a common system all the economic and social challenges we have to take for our planet.


                                     Ricoh wins the Grand Prix award at the Nikkei SDGs Management Grand Prix                                    



Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


We know that in order to deliver on our stated commitment to sustainability, we need to understand our own impact, set targets and take appropriate actions. That’s the reason why the Ricoh Group also sets environmental targets and conducts action plans in line with its global strategy.









SDGs are deep rooted in the company’s culture as our growth strategy and the most significant of them are assigned to all our activities by setting clear targets we can objectively measure progress.







Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at Ricoh


Sustainable society

Quality of life enhancement

Sustainable environment

Zero carbone society

Circular economy

Sustainable economy

Productivity enhancement

Intelligence creation

                 To achieve this, 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are considered as a priority by the Ricoh Group because they are more closely linked with its business activities and its global strategy for a strong commitment to the Ricoh 3P: People, Planet and Prosperity. We believe that we can help resolve social issues through business. As a result, we identified 5 priority issues which are aligned to the 8 SDG’s.












The 3 pillars of sustainability shows the link existing between the 5 priority issues of Ricoh and the better balance between the 3P (Planet, People, and Prosperity - our philosophy  for a sustainable world) and their alignment with the 8 SDGs for which we believe that Ricoh can make the difference.



Ricoh Global SDGs Communication book 2020

Some useful information about Ricoh's approach to sustainability. Our response to Covid 19 and examples of SDGs projects from around the world. This book is designed to explain to customers and employees Ricoh's global approach to the SDGs.



Environmental impact reduction goals

Ricoh became the first Japanese company to join the RE100, a collaborative group made up of the world’s most influential businesses committed to using 100% power.

To know more:

To reduce the environmental impact within our own operations and help our business partners to do the same, we have set global environmental goals for 2030 and 2050 in alignment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris agreement.




To know more about the Ricoh Environmental action plans: here


To address immediate and long-term impacts of its products, services and processes on the environment, Ricoh has established Environmental and energy Management Systems. Learn more about ISO 14001 & 50001 certifications: here


  - Sustainable R&D


To further boost innovations in sustainability, Ricoh established the “Ricoh Eco Business Development Center” (Gotemba) to create and expand eco-business towards achieving “eco-management that evolves with customers”.

Its major technological themes are:

-    Oil recovery from waste plastic
-    Wood biomass utilization
-    Machine vision system (drone)





  - Ricoh SDGs action month



Every year in June, Ricoh Global SDGs action month shows Ricoh’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ties in with World Environmental Day on June 5.




To know more about the Ricoh's Eco actions: here



  - Responsibility towards the customer


Ricoh is committed to driving sustainability through our energy-efficient devices and well beyond. With one of the lowest energy consumption levels in the industry, our devices are a smart choice for businesses looking to minimize their environmental footprint and enhance well-being.




Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at RIF


A showroom focused on our main products was implemented at the heart of our GreenLineTM unit production at Wettolsheim (MFP devices). The whole world of our remanufacturing devices as well as parts and materials recovery is waiting to be discovered. They reflect the Ricoh Group’s strategy about sustainability based on:


-    The RE100 (Zero C02 emission objective for 2050)
-    The 3P (Planet, People, Prosperity)
-    The Ricoh Comet Circle (1994)
-    And more recently the SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals


Today, this set objectives is THE reference point which should push us to drive and build our activities in the future. All our strategies are closely linked to one SDG or even more that make the base of our development for the future.


Our showroom helps show how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not abstract goals but rather real new business models for the future.


Here are a few examples, linked with SDGs, that reflect the concrete daily commitment of Ricoh Industrie France and its employees from all activities to achieve the set objectives. That’s also the reason why this showroom was located closest to the workshops. Thus, it is more convenient to move from the strategy to the field by making sense of what we do. To know more about our R&R activites : here




Ricoh Industrie France deployed the Ricoh Group’s SDGs through its global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sets special action plans to contribute to achieving these goals by 2030.


To find out more about the actions implemented, click on each SDG.