The art of precision

The quality of digital printing resides in the extreme finesse of its definition. What provides this precision is monochromatic toner (black).
This black powder, obtained from carbon and synthetic resins, is one of the key components of the quality of digital printing for Ricoh single-function printers and multifunction printers. This success is not achieved by chance: Ricoh Industrie France's specialised divisions put much care into the process.   Nothing escapes the careful attention of the various workers: each one's customer is the next operator in the production line, all the way to the end user.

Very active in research, the Ricoh Group has always been very focused on finding alternatives to limit the carbon footprint of printing, for instance by reducing the melting temperature of polyester resins.

The features of Ricoh products are continuously evolving, thereby guaranteeing a cutting-edge consumable to customers.


Plastics processing

Within the plastics processing centre, the injection and extrusion processes are part of the toner segment.
Our Alsatian site encompasses different types of processes, such as bottle design, bottle filling with toner powder, product finishing and the production of closure systems. All of the stages of production, creation and distribution of this consumable are carried out by the same entity. A unit inspection is carried out across the whole production line, for each new stage, in order to guarantee optimal quality.
These products are then distributed throughout the European market, to meet our customers' needs for consumables.