Our CSR Actions in 2018


The stated policy of Ricoh Industrie France, to go above and beyond its basic level of responsibility, remains as relevant as ever, once again playing out in the form of numerous CSR actions carried out in 2018, the themes of which you can discover below. All of these actions perfectly illustrate the company’s robust CSR culture.


RIF was involved in the areas of biodiversity, donations, workplace wellness,the sharing of good practices, education, gender equality, local partnerships and much more.


Let the pictures tell the story!





relaxation-area   amma-chair-massage-sessions league-against-cancer
Relaxation area    Amma chair massage sessions  Information session by the League Against Cancer  
     (RIF contribution) (sunlight / skin care / advice)
    Book box  
 Walking meeting promotion   Tobacco-Free Month (communication campaign)  Blood drive (70 people) 








                            Welcoming students  

Visit by Keio University in Tokyo (CEEJA)










International Women's Day







Partnership with the vocational rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities (ESAT)

 of Rouffach (PET and PEHD bottles for grinding) – professional integration of people with disabilities







Clean Haut-Rhin Operation





planting-melliferous-trees planting-of-trees   pruning-of-trees
Planting of 2 melliferous trees (Eco Action Month)  Planting of trees to offset   Relaxation area and pruning of trees by the CFAA
  the felling of trees for E8    (agricultural training centre)
   (8 trees)    
RIF-land honey-harvesting
Provision of RIF land for fruit picking + RIF volunteer work: honey harvesting 2018 
shared vegetable gardens (permaculture) + honey bottling
+ fruit bushes   





Idee Alsace; sharing good CSR practices





repair-cafe         association-recherche-alzheimer nature-house-of-the-ried
Repair Café Association: 300 euros           Step Challenge: 125 euros donated to the Nature House of the Ried:
(to buy repair equipment)             “Alzheimer’s Research” wild plant picking event: 
Workshop at RIF that went well  association  450 euros
 Volunteer work by RIF members    
+ association     
lycée-lazare-de-schwendi partnership-cfa
Plastic raw materials and moulds at the  Apprenticeship taxes paid to the CFA High School
the Lazare de Schwendi High School in Ingersheim  of Rouffach (8,700 euros). Partnership for fruit
 for hands-on learning by young people. trees, tree pruning, and more.
                       Writing materials   Hope Association:  Scrap paper for local schools  
                        (used pens, etc.)   computer hardware and printers and extracurricular activities