Ricoh launches its new premium wax-resin ribbon



Ricoh Industrie France S.A.S. is launching its new premium wax resin thermal transfer ribbon on the market: B120CS.
This product is the result of a symbiosis between our customers’ expectations and an accurate wax-resin ribbon market study.
Ricoh’s R&D developed a versatile premium wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon, which steps in the resin field applications:

  • - For flat head printer
  • - Printable on all kind of materials, from roughest papers to synthetics materials (as long as the printer is a flat-head)
  • - Resistant to smear, light and outdoor influences
  • - High scratch resistance
  • - Super high temperatures resistant, until 280°C
  • - High sensitivity that allows the use of less energy for its printing

This product will be one of the most versatile wax-resin ribbon with a wide application range: from identification labels to the most technical ones. B120CS also resists to sterilization process or autoclave treatment as well as heat shrink tunnels. It can even be used for some textile applications. The food contact certifications, as well as BS5609 are pending.

Your usual contacts remain at your disposal for any questions.